ZOT Manufacturing Services

ZOT Manufacturing Services



Zot Integrated manufacturing has invested in equipment and skills to offer SMT placement up to 45500cph from 01005 to 56mm BGA devices supported by vapour phase and IR reflow, AOI and X-Ray inspection. All operators are trained to IPC610 for PCB assembly and IPC620 for electromechanical assembly. Complete testing is accomplished by highly trained engineers and technicians supported by a full range of NAMAS calibrated test equipment and boundary scan facilities.

  • Complete Product Manufacturing from Design to Manufacture
  • NPI & DFX (Design For Test/Manufacturing)
  • Project Management
  • Surface Mount Placement up to 45500cph
  • SMT Placement from 01005 up to 56mm BGA
  • Procurement and Material Management
  • Test and Repair Engineering
  • Turnkey Capability
  • Lead Free and Leaded Capabilities
  • Wave Solder and PTH
  • Box Build and Cable/Wiring
  • Commercial, Military, Aerospace & Medical
  • On site Engineering Consulting and Design For Manufacture
  • Collaborative Research and Development

What We Do


Utilising Zot’s unique combination of manufacturing divisions places Zot in a position to offer superior service and resource for all new products. As a team, Zot can advise on bare PCB production guidelines and suitability for production placement and population. Zot can advise on sheetmetal and machined assemblies to achieve best cost manufacture. Our Materials group will offer best possible costs for commercial material and offer low cost alternatives if required. A dedicated Customer Engineer will project manage all of these combinations and produce planning documentation to achieve a controlled, efficient final product.


Our staff and equipment allows Zot to provide a professional prototyping service which is often required for new product introduction. This is achieved by utilising our Mydata MY100SXe-14 SMT machines which have an exceptional feeder system which allows for using low quantity strips of components and not reels. Good reflow is accomplished by using an Ascom VP1000-66  Vapour Phase soldering system. Depending on technology and quantity, Zot has Certified IPC 610 Specialist Operators who can hand solder SMT ICs (not including BGAs or components with under body grounds)  and discreet components down to 0603 packages which negates assembly tooling costs. Our Certified IPC 620 Specialist Operators have a wide range of crimp tool facilities and production tools to ensure good electro mechanical assembly.


Zot has two Mydata MY100SX-14 machines for SMT placement from 01005 discreet devices to 56mm BGA devices. This gives a SMT placement capability of 45500cph. A conveyor system automatically takes the PCB through solder paste printing (DEK Horizon 03i) to SMT population and then either automatic convection (BTU VIP70A) or vapour phase (Ascom VP1000-66) reflow.  Product can be inspected using AOI (Yestek Scanspection) and X Ray (Glenbrook RTX-113HV) where BGAs are fitted.


Zot operates a yearly training course schedule to train all PCB operators to Certified IPC 610 Specialist status. Production is complimented with detailed planning documentation to ensure correct component placement. PCB Assemblies can be lead-free wave soldered (Seho 8340F0) or leaded wave soldered  (Electrovert Europak 15/F).


Zot operates a yearly training course schedule to train all Electro-mechanical operators to Certified IPC 620 Specialist status. Wire crimping is carried out using manual or automatic crimping tools depending on technology and quantity. For instance, thermal strip tools are used for single stranded PTFE cable. Cables looms can be manufactured using pin boards or chassis wired if required. There is a wide variety of pneumatic/electric screwdrivers and manual tools and efficient and accurate assembly is controlled by build documentation and assembly fixtures where required. All operators are trained for paintwork and mechanical inspection. Assemblies are always despatched in robust packaging which can be bespoke.


Zot has an extensive test department which can test and debug all customer products if required. We also operate as a Customer Service department for some customers where aging returns can be updated to the latest material issue, reworked and software updates implemented. This can also incorporate assemblies that have not been previously manufactured by Zot.
Any level of functional testing and Boundary Scan testing can be developed and carried out. This includes development and manufacture of test jigs and fixtures.  All test equipment is calibrated to NAMAS standards.


Material is controlled by our MRP system which ensures firm control of cost and deliveries. To support customer products through their lifecycle and beyond, our supply base uses local, regional and global suppliers. To ensure we provide the customer with the required level of performance, our suppliers performance is measured, evaluated regularly and benchmarked against their competition. By working closely with our top 30 suppliers we provide leverage and best terms and conditions. With various partnerships, Zot are able to hold suppliers accountable for lead-times through buffer agreements to allow us to be flexible and lean. Material is stored in a secure, air conditioned ESD floored environment. This contains 3 Kardex Industrriever 24 shelved machines kitted out with antistatic boxes and sensitive components are stored in humidity chambers. Material control is operated in a first-in-first-out method with full traceability of all parts. Facilities are available for customer bonded stock.