ZOT Printed Circuit Boards

ZOT Printed Circuit Boards



With over 40 years’ experience in PCB manufacturing we can offer our customers a wealth of knowledge and experience. From prototyping to finished board manufacturing, and encompassing a spectrum of PCB requirements, we deliver world-class products from our UK facility. We offer service lead-times from 24Hrs upwards.

HDI technology including Rigid and Flex-Rigid Printed Circuit Boards with blind vias, buried vias, blind micro-vias, copper filled micro-vias, resin filled vias, stacked vias, sequential build-up, buried resistance and buried capacitance.

  • PCB expertise to support increasing technology.
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI).
  • Microvia
  • Sequential lamination
  • Depth drilling
  • IMS
  • Complex Flexi / Rigid
  • Commitment to a 'Design for Manufacture' process
  • Total engineering solutions from product inception to manufacture
  • DFM consultation with Customers
  • Vast Engineering Experience
  • Cost reduction proposals
  • Offshore Procurement

What We Do

With a team of professionally trained and vastly experienced CAD/CAM engineers, Process engineers and a vastly skilled workforce, we can assure you of a seamless transition of your engineering data to the manufacturing floor and from the manufacturing floor to your door.

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