ZOT Printed Circuit Boards

ZOT Printed Circuit Boards


Global Procurement Division

A Seamless & Cost-Effective Solution for Offshore PCB Sourcing

“We provide our customers with the full-service support, convenience, and established quality standards that only Zot can offer.”

Zot Offshore was created to meet customers demand for enhanced pricing flexibility for low to high volume/layer count PCB production including Flex, Flex-rigid & HDI boards, The new division integrates a seamless and cost-effective solution for offshore PCB sourcing while strengthening Zot’s One Stop Shop approach to PCB fabrication.

Our Zot Offshore division is managed by Gordon Millar who is permanently located in China and speaks directly with our offshore partners at their production facilities.

The very best Quality

All Zot Offshore partner facilities are U/L and ISO certified with several attaining TS, AS, or Medical certification. Customer quality questionnaires/survey forms are submitted for your records. Zot offshore performs regular on-site audits on all our offshore partner facilities.

Zot Offshore Guarantee

In the event of a quality issue, Zot is committed and prepared to quickly provide suitable resolution. Since we are a UK based manufacturer, a valid rejection can be replaced in-house in a matter of days and shipped.

Why use ZOT OFFshore?

  • Price flexibility
  • Trusted Suppliers
  • Timely delivery
  • Experienced representation in China that knows the local Customs and speaks the language.
  • Prototype to production continuation
  • Full UK Support

Request an Offshore Quote

Email [email protected] or contact Sales 07864949515

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