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ZOT Manufacturing Services



New SMD Investment

Zot has heavily invested in our Surface Mount Department by ordering and installing a new Fritsch placeALL 515 Pick&Place machine. This Pick&Place machine is essential for Zot’s effort in increasing prototype capacity in the EMA division. This stand-alone machine will give present, and new customer’s confidence that we have the equipment to fulfil any new prototype design.


The placeALL 515 can support 0201 chips up to Fine Pitch 80mm x 80mm and pitch of 0.4mm, BGAs, µBGAs, CSPs, QFNs and custom parts; such as, connectors, wired LEDs etc.


On top of this, we have also extended our Surface Mount Capacity by introducing a new TSM TRA I F82 reflow oven, this reflow over has 8 heating zones with 2 cooling zones and has increased our production capacity drastically.



The TSM reflow oven, accompanied with the placeALL 515, has allowed Zot to expand the level of service that we can give by segregating production and NPI work to ensure maximum throughput.


These new machines are part of Zots on-going investment strategy to ensure we can provide our customers with the latest manufacturing technology and to further enhance our capacity for providing our high quality PCBAs made in the UK.