ZOT Printed Circuit Boards

ZOT Printed Circuit Boards



Our Quality Philosophy

Quality is not something to be superimposed by inspectors somewhere along the production line. At ZOT we aim for “the customer’s perception of excellence” and the finest details are closely controlled at each stage of manufacture. ZOT’s Quality assurance begins with the preparation of the manufacturing specification and the verification of tooling. Thereafter quality controls are built in at every stage of production, including SPC procedures were beneficial.

All processes are controlled by various quality methods, including Cp & Cpk, preventative maintenance schedules, critical characteristics, every possible variable & attribute is monitored and controlled. This is also backed up with a well-equipped Laboratory, covered 24 hours a day

Strategy of our Quality Policy

The control and monitoring of our goals are the basics of our strategy.

The management supports the Quality System and takes the necessary actions to ensure the appropriate quality standards are applied.

Cornerstones of the quality policy

  • Quality comes first
  • Process sensitive operations that result in quality defects can be verified directly by the Quality Manager
  • Every operator is responsible for the quality of his own work
  • The Quality Manager has the authority to use all means to achieve the objectives
  • Procedures should always be followed
  • If an operator, for whatever reason, cannot follow the work instructions, the Quality Manager needs to be informed immediately

Quality Approvals

Quality System Approval

  •  Quality System : BS EN 9100:2018 (AS9100) & ISO 9001:2015                   

Underwriters Laboratory Approval

  • UL Approval  Certificate No: E76334

General Specification

  • Unless otherwise stated we work to IPC-A-600 (Latest Revision) Class 2, and IPC-6012.

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