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Established in 1975, ZOT’s printed circuit board division has grown to become one of Europe’s leading PCB manufacturers and specialist resource for both low and medium volume supply of high technology PCB’s.

Our vast experience and knowledge in PCB Fabrication has covered work for almost all industry sectors, including military, aerospace, security, space, medical, commercial, industrial and broadcasting.

With a Global Procurement Division and a UK factory equipped with the most advanced technology, ZOT has the ability to offer clients a complete tailored solution for all PCB requirements.

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ZOT offers a full range of rigid board constructions from single/double sided up to 24 layers and beyond, with vast experience in high layer count / high technology boards.

We have continually invested not only in the equipment and processes to allow the production of these high technology boards, but also in the latest test and inspection equipment to ensure the highest quality.

Some key rigid technology features are:

  • High layer count multilayer
  • FR4 / Polyimide / High Speed / Special Materials
  • Micro via / Blind via / Buried via
  • Stacked vias
  • Controlled Impedance



ZOT’s full range of flex / flexi rigid products features:

  • Double sided flex
  • Multilayer flex
  • Multilayer flexi rigid

Depending on design these can incorporate other technologies such as:

  • Micro via
  • Sequential build up
  • Internal / External heatsinks
  • High speed requirements



With the increasing component densities demanded by today’s technology, sequential build-ups are often the only viable solution for the PCB construction.

ZOT has extensive experience producing these types of construction, incorporating buried, blind and micro vias in a range of combinations.

Key features of ZOT’s HDI technology include:

  • Standard micro via
  • Copper filled micro via
  • Stacked micro via (3 layers +)
  • Resin filled buried and through vias
  • Resin filled and copper capped buried and through vias

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