Offshore Manufacturing

ZOT offers a seamless and cost-effective solution for offshore PCB sourcing. Created to meet customers’ demand for enhanced pricing flexibility for low to high volume/layer count Zot Offshore offers full-service support, all whilst maintaining the high quality standards ZOT has become known for.

Our Zot Offshore Division has a dedicated account manager who is permanently located in the Far East visiting, auditing and speaking regularly with our offshore partners at their production facilities. All partner facilities are U/L and ISO certified with several attaining TS, AS, or Medical certification.

Customer quality questionnaires/survey forms are submitted for client records and we perform regular on-site audits on all our offshore partner facilities.

Customers should consider ZOT offshore for;

  • Price flexibility
  • Trusted suppliers
  • Timely delivery
  • Experienced representation in China that knows the local customs and speaks the language.
  • Prototype to production continuation
  • Full UK support

In the event of a quality issue, Zot is committed and prepared to quickly provide a suitable resolution. Since we are a UK based manufacturer, a valid rejection can be replaced in-house in a matter of days and shipped.