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ZOT is a leading manufacturing company that delivers world-class products and complete turnkey solutions to meet an extensive range of PCB, Sheet Metal and PCBA requirements.


With over 45 years experience and a broad range of customers, Zot is a specialist resource for small to medium volume supply of high technology Printed Circuit Boards, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machining and Electro-mechanical Assemblies for the electronics industry.

With a team of professionally trained and vastly experienced engineers, ZOT is perfectly placed to become your manufacturing partner and support your growth as you increase production quantities. ZOT offers a seamless transition from prototyping to finished board manufacturing and assembly.


One of Europe’s leading PCB Manufacturers with the capability to manufacture high technology Multilayer, HDI, Flex/Flex rigid, and PTH.

Sheet Metal

Machining facility offering conventional and up to date CNC technology including CNC laser, CNC Punching and CNC Machining.


Extensive range of PCB assembly services including wiring harnesses, sub-assemblies and complete product manufacture.

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What our clients say

Linn and Zot work very well together to provide a strong and seamless supply partnership.
Linn Products
Throughout the challenging last few years Zot has maintained high quality levels of support and continuity of supply. Zot is one of Linn’s overall best performing suppliers for quality and delivery and this has remained a constant over the years.
Linn Products